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Un nouvel ouvrage d' Amandine Crespy aux éditions de l'Université de Bruxelles, dans la collection UBLire.

Par Luca Tomini et Andrea Cassani, ed. Palgrave Macmillan, 146 pages

Par Arthur BorrielloEd. Université de Bruxelles, Collection : Science politique, parution en décembre 2018, 242 pages 

Par Jean-michel De Waele et d'Yves Déloye, édition bruylant, 804 pages, novembre 2018

La mondialisation a provoqué une redistribution internationale des richesses au profi t de quelques pays émergents du Sud, et plus particulièrement de la Chine et des autres pays émergents d’Asie orientale, qui sont devenus les « ateliers du monde » dans le cadre du nouvel ordre industriel mondial.

The European Union is facing a profound crisis and is confronted with multiple challenges. Over the last two decades, it has experienced a series of dramatic changes to its powers, its institutional design, its constitutional framework and its borders. The current political, economic and financial crisis puts the EU’s legitimacy further under pressure and creates the impression of a turning point.

Redefinitions of EU borders (enlargements, Brexit), geopolitical challenges (conflicts, migrations, terrorism, environmental risks) and the economic and financial crises have triggered debates on the common values that hold European countries and citizens together, justify public action and ensure the sustainability of European governance.

This Handbook offers an analysis of the relation between football and politics, based on over 30 case studies covering five continents. It provides a detailed picture of this relation in a wide number of European, American, African, and Asian states, as well as a comparative assessment of football in a global perspective, thus combining the general and the local. It examines themes such as the political origins of football in the studied country, the historical club rivalries, the political aspects of football as a sports spectacle, and the contemporary issues linked to the political use of football. By following the same structure with each study, the volume allows for the comparison between largely investigated cases and cases that have seldom been addressed. The Handbook will be of use particularly to students and scholars in the fields of sport studies, political science and sociology, as well as cultural studies, anthropology and leisure studies.


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