The resurgence of ‘European values’ in EU politics: good news, lip service or danger?

Lundi, 4 Juin, 2018 - 12:00 to 14:00


The resurgence of ‘European values’ in EU politics: good news, lip service or danger?


- François Foret, Professor of political science, CEVIPOL-Iee ULB, Fernand Braudel Fellow


- Renaud Dehousse (tbc), President of the European University Institute

- Hanspeter Kriesi, Stein Rokkan Chair of Comparative Politics, -SPS department of the EUI

- Brigid Laffan, Director and Professor at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, Director of the Global Governance Programme and of the European Governance and Politics Programme at the EUI

- Olivier Roy, Joint Chair RSCAS-SPS department of the EUI, Chair in Mediterranean Studies

- Philippe Schlesinger (tbc), Robert Schuman Fellow EUI, Professor of Cultural Policy, University of Glasgow


- Ramona Coman, Professor of political science, CEVIPOL-Iee ULB

- Oriane Calligaro, Research fellow, CEVIPOL-Iee ULB


            ‘European values’ are increasingly invoked in the political and intellectual debates framing EU politics. Redefinitions of EU borders (enlargements, Brexit), geopolitical challenges (conflicts, migrations, terrorism, environmental risks) and the economic and financial crises have triggered debates on the common values that hold member states and citizens together, justify public action and ensure the sustainability of European governance.

On the occasion of the forthcoming publication of a book dedicated to this issue, some distinguished scholars from different disciplinary and thematic backgrounds are invited to share their views on the reasons, meanings and effects of the multiplying references to ‘European values’, their appropriation by diverse groups of actors and their impact on public action.


Florence, European University Institute

Location:  Sala del Capitolo, Badia Fiesolana